Signs You're Not Just Hungry - You're Hangry ...

Hangry is a relatively new term but the basic meaning is that you’re so hungry that you’ve became angry. Irritability due to hunger isn’t new but the terminology for it is. These’re signs that you’ve moved beyond hungry to hangry. Most of us can relate to at least a few of these.

1. You’re Crabby

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Obviously you’re not happy if you’re hangry! One of the signs that your hunger’s went too far is that you’re crabby. No one wants to be around you and you don’t even want to be around yourself. There’s actually a medical reason that you become a grouch when you’re hungry. When your blood sugar gets low, irritability is a symptom.

2. You’ll Eat Anything

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You know you’re hangry when you’ll eat anything, even foods that aren’t particularly your favorite. This isn’t the time to be picky. You want food as quickly as possible. It could be low quality convenience store food but it’ll do at that point in time. Even things like cold cooked veggies sound edible to you.

3. Patience Flew out the Window

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Even if you’re normally a patient person, hanger has a way of changing that. When you’ve moved beyond hungry to hangry, you no longer feel patient with anyone or anything. Your mind is on food and how quickly you can eat. It’s not a time for a test of manners! Going from hunger to hanger is serious business.

4. You Vow Never to Skip a Meal Again

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Another sign you’re hangry is that you vow never to skip a meal again. That may be what got you into this mess in the first place. You’re regretting that you skipped a meal and decide it’s never a good decision whether the reason you did it was time constraints, dieting or something else. In fact, you may be thinking how important it is to always eat regularly. Realizing the importance of eating regularly is one good thing that can come of being hangry.

5. You’re Remembering All Those Times You Only Ate 2 Slices of Pizza

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Some of the things that happen when you’re hangry are almost funny. You would probably find the humor in them if you weren’t completely starving. One thing that’s almost funny is when you find yourself thinking about all those times you only ate 2 slices of pizza. Given your present state of hunger, it seems sad that you didn’t take advantage of having more food when it was available. You know it’s just your hanger talking but your feelings are real in the moment.

6. You Could Care Less about Calories or Fat Grams

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Even if you’re dieting and have been very strong in sticking to it, when you’re hangry, calories and fat grams don’t matter. You could care less about the count of those things. You just want food! It’s a time when you’re very much in the moment and those things won’t matter till later. You know you’ve bypassed hunger when you feel this way.

7. You Scarf It down when You Finally Get to Eat

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Lastly, you know you’ve been hangry when you scarf your food down when you finally get to eat. While you still care about manners, they’re not your main focus. Getting some food in your body is. It’s not the time for a fancy meal where manners are required. Hangry isn’t a fun feeling so you’re all about getting rid of it when you finally get the chance to eat.

These’re 7 signs you’re hangry. Have you had the unpleasant experience of being hangry before? Do you have any funny stories to share about it?

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