Bad πŸ‘Ž Signs You're Eating 🍽 Too Many Carbs 🍝πŸ₯¨ ...


There are some signs you're eating too many carbs. Did you know that health experts recommend that a person who is eating normally and healthily, but not following any specific diet, should be getting between 45 and 65 percent of their daily calories via various carbohydrates? The tricky part about this is that when they say carbohydrates, things like pasta, doughnuts and lots of potato chips aren’t necessarily what they have in mind! The world of carbs can be a confusing path for somebody who isn’t nutritionally savvy, but to make it a little easier for you to understand, here are some sure-fire signs you're eating too many carbs.

1. You’re Feeling Sluggish

One of the biggest signs you're eating too many carbs is that you feel sluggish. Do you often find that, even when you get a great night’s sleep, you are feeling sluggish and tired out by around 3pm? Eating too many carbs at breakfast and lunch can be the reason for this, especially if you’re eating starches and refined carbs that only provide a short-term boost of energy. Switch your sugary breakfast cereal and mid-morning or a whole wheat bagel!

Mood Swings
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