7 Signs Your Friends Are Making You Fat ...


If you've suddenly put on some extra weight, check for signs your friends are making you fat. Believe it or not, your friends could be reason behind the sudden weight gain. Every friend changes you in some way, including how you eat. If you want to drop those pounds, it's important to learn the signs your friends are making you fat. Once you do, you can take control and get back to your desired weight.

1. They Only Eat Junk Food

Check to see what your friends eat most often. One of the top signs your friends are making you fat is poor eating habits. Since you hang out often, you'll likely eat much of the same things they do. Somehow, bad eating habits are easier to pick up than healthy ones. Pay attention to what they eat and how it's changed what you're eating. It's easy to go back to healthier choices once you realize what's going on.

They Make Fun of Your Weight
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