7 Signs You Need to Change Your Eating Habits ...


7 Signs You Need to Change Your Eating Habits ...
7 Signs You Need to Change Your Eating Habits ...

It’s not groundbreaking news to learn that the foods that we eat have lots of different effects on our bodies. Healthy foods have positive impacts, unhealthy foods have negative impacts, it’s all about getting that perfect balance in your own diet to ensure that you can treat yourself whilst maintaining a fit and healthy body overall. When you start to tip the balance over in to the negative column, your body will definitely start to let you know. Here are seven signs that you need to change your eating habits.

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Bad Skin

Not all of your skin issues can be put down to things like genetics and stress; sometimes it is food that is the culprit. After all, it is the largest organ of your body, and it can offer a vital insight in to the overall health of your system. Things like inflamed or acne-prone skin can sometimes be due to an imbalance of bacteria in the gut.


Leaky Gut

This imbalance of bacteria can also be shown in something called leaky gut. This is when there is too much bad bacteria and toxins in your digestive system, which leads to matter leaking through the intestinal wall. This is often caused by having a lack of all the important nutrients in your diet.


Low Energy

You might think that your low energy is to do with working hard or partying hard, but your diet will almost certainly be playing a role. You need to make sure that you are eating foods containing lots of iron and B12, as these are two of the main nutrients that can fight against things like fatigue and tiredness.


Fat Accumulation

It’s time to adjust your diet if you are starting to notice fat accumulation around your middle. This is the most concerning type of fat accumulation (a spare tyre, a muffin top etc.) because it is fat around the middle that can later lead to things like diabetes.


Digestive Issues

If you find that you are often constipated, or the complete opposite, that you often have symptoms of diarrhoea, then it can be a sign that your diet isn’t suitable for the healthy running of your digestive system. It’s an indicator that your gut isn’t happy, so listen to your body and make changes!



Did you know that anxiety can actually be caused by an unbalanced diet? To eliminate that possibility from your own diet, it’s advised that you stick to the Mediterranean way of eating. Nice fresh produce and lots of omega 3 fatty acids.


Low Immunity

Do you find yourself succumbing to illnesses more often than other people? This might be because your diet doesn’t contain all of the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs in order to maintain a strong immune system. You need to make sure you are getting enough zinc, folate, B6, iron, copper, selenium and all the alphabet vitamins

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