7 Motivating 👊🏼 Reasons to Indulge 🤤 in a Salad 🥗 on the Daily 📆 ...


So often we think of ordering a salad when dining out as being on a diet, but salads have come a long way from years past. Your salad can have plenty of nuts, seeds, peppers, mushrooms, strawberries or whatever you choose. It is all up to you. You can be creative with light dressings and you can have a ton of salad without stressing about overeating. And aside from the larger amount you can consume, eating a salad can boost your health, prevent disease, help you to lose weight and just make you feel better. I eat a salad at least once every day because of this. So let me share with you the ultimate reasons you should eat salad on the daily:

1. Boost Your Metabolism

To ensure your metabolic rate is performing at its optimal level, you need to eat your greens. Greens are loaded with vitamins and minerals that will help to rev up your metabolic rate so you can get in the fat-burning mode more easily.

Feel Better
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