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7 Reasons Why It's OK to Indulge Now and then ...

By Eliza

If you are dieting or just normally eat healthy, it’s important to understand why it’s OK to indulge once in awhile. No, you absolutely do not have to give up your favorite foods, but it is vital to eat them in moderation. You’ll hear from many health experts that the occasional indulgence is actually beneficial in the long run. So check out these reasons why it’s OK to indulge, then get ready to enjoy it.

1 It Stops Feelings of Deprivation

Perhaps the most important reason why it’s OK to indulge is because it stops you from overdoing it out of feelings of deprivation. Think about what you want to eat when you’ve gone weeks without your favorite burger and fries. Chances are, you’re going to gorge yourself eventually. Indulging in the burger a couple of times per month can hold off those feelings because you know that you’ll get to savor your favorite treat once in awhile.

2 It Satisfies Cravings

If you attempt to avoid a craving by eating other foods, then go ahead and devour it anyway, you’ll end up taking in way more calories than if you had just gone ahead and had the treat to begin with. So next time you want some ice cream, don’t fight it. Just make sure you have a small scoop rather than the entire container.

3 It’s Fun

Life is no fun if you can’t have a cookie or a large order of curly fries once in awhile. Eating the foods you love makes you happy and gives you something good to enjoy. As long as you’re not indulging every day, it’s totally OK to have a jumbo brownie at a party and thoroughly enjoy it without feeling guilty.

4 It Makes You Happy

If I couldn’t eat my favorite foods ever, I’d probably be no fun to be around. Depriving yourself will just make you grumpy and irritable. So go ahead and have the huge meatball sub you love so much when you go out to eat. You’ll be so happy that it’ll be worth it. Just balance the calories with your choices for the rest of the day.

5 It’s a Reward

You shouldn’t always reward yourself with food because that just fosters an unhealthy relationship with it. However, giving yourself license to indulge as a celebration when you get a promotion, find out you’re pregnant or get engaged makes the occasion that much more memorable. Rewarding yourself with a slice of cake or an extra appetizer marks the day. Just don’t celebrate every little thing with food or you might find yourself putting on weight.

6 You Don’t Have to Avoid Social Events

Have you ever skipped a party because you knew there would only be junk to eat? Well no more! Join the fun and indulge in a small amount of treats. But don’t make the party all about the food. Mingle and chat with other guests and keep your indulgences small. That way you can truly enjoy events without having to stay home and eat another bran muffin.

7 It Helps You Succeed

Knowing you can have a small indulgence now and then helps motivate you to stick with your healthy goals the rest of the time. If you realize that you can have a loaded hot dog on Saturday, it’ll be much easier to eat healthy during the rest of the week.

What do you indulge in? French fries are my indulgence. How do you keep it in moderation?

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