6 Reasons to Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk ...


6 Reasons to Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk ...
6 Reasons to Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk ...

If you work in an environment where people spend most of their day at desks, then it can often be very tempting to just whip out your lunch and snack away without having a change of scenery. Eating at your desk might be the easiest and most hassle-free option, but deep down you all know that it isn’t the best or more productive thing to be doing. Here are just six of many reasons to stop eating lunch at your desk.

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You're Likely to Overeat

When you are at your desk eating, you aren’t necessarily thinking about the food, and being distracted by a computer screen, for example, means that you are much more likely to overeat. Statistics show that people can eat as much as a whopping 70% more when they are doing it as a desk and are not thinking about their lunch!


Give Your Brain Break

When you eat at your desk, the chances are that you are going to be tempted to keep working while you eat. This isn’t good for you, as your brain needs a break during the work day, that is what the lunch break was designed for! Make sure that you remove yourself from your immediate work environment give your brain a change of scenery as you eat.


Your Day Lacks Variety

You are much more likely to get bored and unmotivated from your job if you never get a change of scenery. Take your lunch break as your opportunity to get a bit of variety in your daily routine. Sitting at your desk to eat will make your day feel much longer and more boring.


Too Much Sitting

If you go from working all morning to eating lunch to working all afternoon without any kind of change, then you will simply have been sitting down for too long! Get up and move yourself during your lunch break, even just the walk to the cafeteria and back, or to a park bench, can make a big difference.


You Aren't Socialising

If you stick to your own desk all day, you miss out on a lot of the socialisation that other people get when they congregate together for lunch. Eat with other people rather than by yourself, it is good for the soul!


You Need Sunshine

If you can, get out in the sunshine to enjoy your lunch! That boost of Vitamin D and the feel of the sun on your face can give you the enthusiasm and motivation that you need to finish the rest of the work day with a positive attitude.

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