7 Reasons to Eat Superfoods when You're Dieting ...


If you’re going on a diet, then consider some reasons to eat superfoods on your new healthy meal plan. Superfoods can do wonders for your health, and can be the missing link for many people who feel something just isn’t working in their new healthy diet. Not all superfoods are equal either, when it comes to dieting. Check out the best superfoods to add to your diet and all the reasons to eat superfoods on a diet below. Then, don’t hesitate to start adding them to your routine today! All of them can easily be mixed with water or almond milk, yogurt or oatmeal, and of course, my favorite way, a smoothie!

1. They’re Energizing

One of my favorite reasons to eat superfoods is because they are so energizing! If you’re on a diet, this can be one reason to add them to your routine to enhance your workouts, calorie burn, or to combat fatigue overall. Many times, when you remove junk foods and sugars from you diet, your body hits a detox “wall,” so to speak, and you might feel extra tired. To combat that feeling, add superfoods like maca powder, chia seeds, and spirulina to your routine. These superfoods are highly energizing, combat adrenal fatigue, contain amino acids, and spirulina specifically contains Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is essential to energy production, and chia seeds are a good source of other B vitamins.

They’re Alkalizing
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