8 Quick and Easy Meals under 500 Calories ...


Quick and easy meals come in all packages, even low calorie! If eating healthy turns into being a hassle, then it is less likely that you will stick to your healthy regime and more likely that you will crack and find yourself sobbing into a white chocolate cheesecake whilst kissing your smoking hot body goodbye. Here are 9 quick and easy meals all under 500 calories that won’t take forever to cook nor spoil all of your hard work.

1. Bakes Beans on Toast: 359 Calories

Do you know how much energy you get from baked beans? Stack loads. Rated as a super food, baked beans are a nutritional powerhouse packed full of protein, fibre, iron and calcium. When you're looking for quick and easy meals that are under 500 calories, Baked Beans on Toast is most definitely a winner. Quick, easy and tasty - what more could you want?

What you need:

1 snap pot of baked beans (200g)

2 x wholemeal bread

What to do:

Heat the beans in a pot and toast the bread, add beans to toast and eat. Simple!

Quorn Medley: 462 Calories
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