10 Plant 🌱 Foods 🍴 Packed with the Most πŸ‘ Protein πŸ’ͺ ...


I'm going to talk to you about the plant foods with the most protein. Have you ever thought about trying a vegan or plant-based diet, but have been worried about getting enough protein? Well, never fear and forget what you’ve heard. Protein in plants is much easier to come by than you may think. Plant-based diets have grown massively in popularity over the last ten years and you’ll see why when you give them a try. With a massive reduction of saturated fats and an increase of plant-based proteins, many people feel lighter, healthier and more rejuvenated when they add more fruits and vegetables to their diets. So, to get you started, here are the plant foods with the most protein to add to your diet, even if you’re not fully vegan.

1. Spinach

Spinach is an amazing, high-protein green that is tasty and healthy for you. At nearly a gram per cup of raw spinach and 10 grams per 100 calories, spinach is a great addition to your diet and is very easy to integrate into your daily meals. Simply add a few handfuls into your morning smoothie and you won’t taste a thing. The flavor completely dissolves into the fruity goodness. Add a few handfuls to a pan or a steamer to wilt the leaves down, give it a splash of lemon and seasonings, and you’ve got a great side dish too. It may look like a lot on the surface, but a few cups of spinach wilts down to about half a cup cooked, so don’t be intimidated by the looks of it at first glance. Spinach is one of the most delicious plant foods with the most protein.

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