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8 New York Michelin Star Restaurants ...

By Neecey

The cooking accolades are quite different between the USA and the UK. In Europe the Michelin Star is very much the badge of honor that chefs strive for but these are not common in the US. There are three levels, named not unsurprisingly, 1*, 2* and 3* and if you go to a 3* restaurant you are guaranteed the food of a lifetime. They are only used in 3 US cities – Chicago and San Francisco being two. Undoubtedly, you can guess the other one and here are 8 Michelin Star Restaurants in New York.

1 Daniel

A 3 Michelin Star Restaurant in New York’s Upper East Side. It is also one of only 5 Manhattan restaurants that have the coveted New York Times’ 4 star rating. Under the guidance of Chef Daniel Boulud, a delectable contemporary menu is served. How about Trio of milk fed pig from Quebec, Roasted Chop with Glazed Turnips, Braised Shoulder Cannelloni with Cucumber, Smoked Ribs with Fennel-Avocado Coleslaw, Vadouvan Jus all on one plate?

2 Le Bernadin

Enjoying the exact same accolades as Daniel’s, at Le Bernadin you can enjoy Eric Ripert’s prix fixe dinner for $115 and that includes items such as Poached Halibut with braised artichoke, water chestnuts, bacon and Persian lime-scented truffle broth.

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3 Gordon Ramsay at the London

Mr. Potty Mouth’s 2 Michelin Star New York Restaurant apparently combines British style with Manhattan vivacity. Seven courses costs $185 and for that you can sample the Maine diver scallops with pressed octopus terrine, white asparagus and grilled watermelon

4 Soto

Greenwich’s new 2 Michelin Star restaurant is an up market sushi bar where all sorts of weird and wonderful seafood is crafted into little morsels of art under the guidance of chef patron Sotohiro Kosugi. If you know your sushi you can try Aji tataki, scallop and shiso agedashi, uni, squid and shiso, fried flounder.

5 Gramercy Tavern

With 1 Michelin Star to its name, The Gramercy Tavern is one of America’s favorite restaurants. The tasting menu costs $116 and includes green garlic broth with rabbit dumplings.

6 The Spotted Pig

It’s so good to see a Female chef owner of one of New York’s 1 Michelin Star restaurants. April Bloomflield serves up seasonal British and Italian dishes including roasted asparagus with parmesan custard & Prosciutto for $18.

7 Marea

The highest ranking Michelin star restaurant in New York featuring Italian cuisine is the 2* Marea. Michael White has set out on a mission to reinvent the way Italians present seafood. The four course prix fixe is $91.

8 Wallsé

One of the two New York Michelin star restaurants with Austrian cuisine is Wallsé (the other is the Seasonal). Kurt Gutenbrunner delivers a contemporary update of classic Viennese in a real Fin de Siècle atmosphere. Try the Weiner Schnitzel for $32.

Sorry if I have made you hungry and you are now salivating. Today’s top chefs really have made an art form out of food and the plates they serve are like works of exquisite sculpture. Please let us know if you have ever enjoyed a sublime dining experience at any of these New York Michelin Star restaurants.

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