Is Keto a Low Carb Diet ?


Is Keto  a Low Carb  Diet ?
Is Keto  a Low Carb  Diet ?

Wondering is keto a low carb diet? Choosing the best nutritional lifestyle can be a difficult and at times exhausting process. There are several options available to us from keto to Mediterranean, so the issue lies with deciding the best one for your body and health. I want to distinguish between low carb and keto because I have seen comments confusing them which leads to arguments everywhere regarding this topic. So, here's your answer to is keto a low carb diet?

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What is the Difference?

Low carb eating requires carbohydrate restriction but not to the same levels as a keto diet. The USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend that men and women consuming 2000 calories per day eat anywhere from 45% to 65% of their total calories in carbs. Thus, a person interested in a low carb lifestyle can eat carbs below 30% of their total calorie consumption. The amount chosen depends on your body, preferences, and health goals. A person interested in keto would probably eat 5% to 10% of their total calories in carbs and the maximum amount of carbs allowed is around fifty grams. The objective of keto is to stop the body from using glucose as the primary source of energy.


What is Glucose?

Glucose is basically a simple sugar that is produced by our bodies when we consume high amounts of carbohydrates. In turn, the body produces glucose and also insulin. A shift from high carb to high-fat consumption causes the body to burn ketones instead and ketones become the primary source of energy. Better ketone levels result in fat loss, improved energy, and sleep levels, and lower cholesterol. A low carb lifestyle that is more lenient than keto can also result in fat loss, improved energy levels, and control over glucose and insulin levels.


Why do I Need to Know This?

Because knowledge is power, right? The differences between low carb and keto matters, so those interested can understand their options and make the best choice for their lives. For example, a person who loves high carb fruits and won’t remove them from his or her lifestyle may not find keto sustainable for the long term. Low carb is a more generous option available and it gives people a way to limit their intake without restricting as many foods.


Final Thoughts

After researching and experimenting, I would recommend both low carb and keto lifestyles because they are beneficial and worth it in the long term. Keep in mind that you know your body better than anyone and there are several options out there. I would like to put a spotlight on your favorite nutritional lifestyles and health-related topics in an article series. Readers can write in the comments which topic I should write about and I will choose one to focus on every week.

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