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Salad is a healthy choice as long as you pile your bowl with low-calorie and nutrient dense veggies, legumes, cheese and other extras. In fact, salad is a great meal because you can mix and match the ingredients to create new and delicious combinations all the time. That will keep you from getting bored with your salad and giving in to the drive-thru. If you need some motivation to get you in the salad frame of mind, any of these Instagram accounts should do the trick.

1. Insta Salads

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If you need new salad ideas, you are definitely going to find them here. There are hundreds of posts featuring gorgeous salads that are healthy and loaded with flavor. Not only will looking at all these salads make you want to make one for yourself, but the beautiful pictures will give you all kinds of new ideas in terms of ingredients you can try on your salad.

Best Salads
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