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The Ultimate Way to Vegan Grocery Shop on 20 for Healthy Girls Low on Cash ...

By Leiann

The following YouTube video is hilarious! A comical poor college student shows you how to do a vegan grocery shop with $20.

Sam Esce
September 28, 2016

A vegan diet sounded so hard to do. However, this video taught me otherwise. Pizza, spaghetti, cereal, oats for cookies, etc. are super easy and deliciously edible. Personally, I am glad I was surfing YouTube!

A $20.00 a week grocery list is super frugal. This college student bought her groceries at Dollar Tree...where, obviously, everything is a $1.00. You can even order online at Cannot do either? Your local Family Dollar or Dollar General will have your staples. Make sure you select the store-brand when you're trying to figure out how to do a vegan grocery shop with $20.

Whether rich or poor, taking care of your health is important and so is your wallet. I hope you found this video helpful and uplifting. Happy shopping!

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