7 Healthy Tips for Eating out ...


You’re a social butterfly, not a homebody, so eating every meal at home is almost torture for you. But you’re also diet-conscious, looking to eat healthy no matter where you’re enjoying a meal. Since most diet tips are meant to be used in your own kitchen, how are you supposed to eat out but still stick to your diet? I can help. I’ve chatted with my personal trainer and done a little Jillian Michaels-related digging. Here are 7 healthy tips for eating out. Bon appetite!

1. Plan Ahead

Most restaurants have websites that list their menu, and all of the ingredients in every dish, along with a calorie count. One of the best healthy tips for eating out, then, is to plan ahead a little. Visit the restaurant’s website and plan your meal before you leave the house, so you know what you’ll be eating, and whether or not you’ll be able to splurge a little on dessert, since you were so smart about dinner.

Skip the Dairy
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