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7 Healthy Drink Recipes to Help You Stay Cool and Fit during Summer ...

By Jelena

Healthy drink recipes will definitely come handy this summer helping you keep that gorgeous beach bod you’ve worked so hard for while getting to enjoy all of your favorite stuff such as icy treats, smoothies, frizzy drinks, even all-girl-happy hour! Doesn’t that sound amazing? I’d say it gives that good old saying “No pain-no gain”, a whole new meaning! A lot less depressing one even! And here are a few low calorie drinks and low calorie cocktails I think you should check out:

1 Passion Fruit Smoothie

Take a tasty, healthy break during these super hot days to enjoy this awesome recipe you can either follow to the letter or double, triple or even quadruple the ingredients in case you’re having company and want to surprise them with an amazing yet, totally healthy treat! And here it is, the first on my list of healthy drink recipes I’ve found on various fitness and cooking websites, loved and simply had to share – a yummy passion fruit smoothie:

1 cup of chilled low fat milk
2,8 oz (80 grams) of chilled low fat yoghurt (unflavored or vanilla)
1 tbsp of honey
1 mango
1 passion fruit

Instructions: Clean and slice your fruits, throw them in a food processor along with the rest of ingredients and blend until smooth. Yup, it’s that simple!

2 Mint Iced Tea

Incredibly refreshing, super healthy, 100% natural and perfect for this unbearably hot weather, mint iced tea is definitely one of those low calorie drinks you must take into your consideration. And when I say “low in calories”, I really mean it! Mint tea itself contains no calories at all, plus it’s one hell of a relief against cramps and muscle ache, not to mention a perfect way to ensure optimal food digestion. But, let me lay down a simple yet quite useful recipe to help you turn this widely known hot drink into a summer pick-me-up you can reach for instead of sodas!

2 satchels of mint tea
500milliliters (about 17oz) of water
½ lemon
1 tablespoon of honey

Instructions: Brew mint tea, add honey and let the mixture cool down before adding the juice of ½ lemon (I prefer adding zest as well but you can skip it in case strong citrus flavors are simply not your cup of tea). Once you’re done, your tea is ready to spend a couple of hours chilling in the fridge. Time to fill your cup with crushed ice, pour chilled tea over it, add a couple of crushed mint leaves and…enjoy!

3 Homemade Soda

Saying no to carbonated drinks has always been a tricky thing for me! It’s not so much about the taste but those bubbles…. Of those delicious, mesmerizing, tongue-tickling bubbles! Luckily there are tons of ways to make your own low calorie drinks that bubble the same yet contain no extra sugars, chemicals and calories so add seltzer or naturally carbonated mineral water and a couple of your favorite 100% fruit juices to your grocery list and have fun experimenting. I usually take a tall glass, add some crushed ice fill the first quarter with grape juice, the second quarter with cranberry juice, the third with pineapple and the last, of course, is for seltzer. Go ahead, give it a shot.

4 Watermelon and Strawberry Sorbet

Speaking about healthy drink recipes, have you ever considered using sorbets to cool down and curb your summer cravings? These icy, tasty treats are made with fruits only, which makes them just as healthy, bursting with vitamins and yet somehow more savory and a whole lot more interesting. Sounds fun? Well, check out this next recipe:

100grams (1/2cup) of chopped strawberries
400 grams (2 cups) of chopped watermelon

Instructions: Freeze your fruit solid before throwing them into a food processor or, in case you don’t have a couple of hours to spare use fresh fruit but add 7-10 ice cubes. Blend until slushy and - Voila! Now, could a healthy drink recipe get any simpler?

5 Minty Peach Martini

But, you know what would make this post even better? A couple of recipes for low calorie cocktails! And, in case cocktails are your guilty pleasure, you’ll absolutely love this Jonathan Pogash’s baby I found browsing through! It’s called the Minty Peach Martini, it contains only 130 calories per serving and this is how to make it:

1 ½ oz (45milliliters) of Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka
1/2oz (15 milliliters) of fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon agave nectar
Few mint leaves (about 10)

Instructions: Throw your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add crushed ice, shake well and pour into a chilled Martini glass.

6 Light Mimosa Cocktail

Speaking about low calorie drinks ideal for a summer-evening-all-girl-get-together, why not surprise your gal-pals with an assortment of yummy low calorie cocktails? Containing 10 calories less than my previous suggestion, light mimosa doesn’t require a lot of pricy hard liquors and will definitely manage to keep all the girls in a good mood.

2 ounces (60 milliliters) Light Orange Tangerine Juice
4 ounces (120 milliliters) Champagne
½ Orange (squeezed)

Instructions: Chill a tall cocktail glass, add ice cubes and your ingredients and top off with freshly squeezed orange juice!

7 Watermelon Lemonade

Last on my list of amazing, totally healthy drink recipes to keep you pleasantly chilled this summer is something even better than lemonade – a low-cal lemonade! Now, lemonade usually stands for a healthy drink and it sure is a whole lot healthier than soda but with those spoonfuls of sugar adding up, it can actually end up being quite packed in calories. No need to worry though, throw summer’s number one fruit, watermelon, in the equation and you’ll get a much lighter drink that tastes just as good but won’t burden you with more than 50 calories per serving!

4 cups of watermelon cubes
Juice from three (3) lemons
Crushed ice

Instructions: Mash or process your watermelon cubes until they turn into paste then add lemon juice and crushed ice! No need to add sugar although you could get away with just a pinch or two, just in case you have a serious sweet tooth.

Do you have some of your own yummy yet healthy drink recipes to share? Well, bring them on, sister! A couple of extra low calorie drinks could sure come handy!

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