7 Healthy and Diet-Friendly Alternatives to Your Favorite Comfort Foods ...


Comfort Food Alternatives really do exist, and boy am I glad of that! Itโ€™s winter, the time of year Iโ€™m most tempted to indulge in my favorite comfort foods. If youโ€™re like me, then you might be wondering if thereโ€™s a way to replace these fat and calorie-rich comfort foods with healthy foods instead. Of course there is! In fact, there are lots of healthy comfort food alternatives just waiting for you to try! Here are 7 healthy and diet-friendly comfort food alternatives you'll absolutely adore.

1. Comfort Food: Potato Chips

Replacement food: Baked Lay's

I have a craving for salt that almost rivals my sweet tooth. That's why I love replacing unhealthy potato chips with healthy foods, or at least heathier foods, like Baked Lay's chips. They taste just as good, but they're baked not fried, so they're a much better choice. You can find lots of different comfort food alternatives for this crunchy, salty vice.

Comfort Food: Milk Chocolate
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