10 Health Gimmicks to Stop Wasting Your Money on ...


10 Health Gimmicks to Stop Wasting Your Money on ...
10 Health Gimmicks to Stop Wasting Your Money on ...

Health gimmicks play on our fears and insecurities about how we look and feel. In the cold light of day, let’s not forget this is a massive business and in most cases there’s no altruistic reasoning behind bringing us these products – it’s cold hard cash. Even though deep down inside we all know that there is no quick fix for losing weight and becoming fit and healthy overnight, we still are unable to help ourselves from purchasing all these health gimmicks. Diet fads never work in the long run, and somehow, somewhere, somebody convinced us that if we bought this essential diet gimmick, this time it would work. Promise. Here are 10 Health Gimmicks to Stop Wasting your Money on:

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Coconut Water

If you think about it logically, how did we actually get roped into this one? Hailed as nature’s answer to Powerade, the ingredients are being pranced around in uber sleek and sexy tutus, when in fact, some of the manufacturers have already been severely rapped over the knuckles, with lawsuits claiming some of their rather sumptuous profits over the facts not being what there were thought to have been. Some proprietary coconut water is full of added sugar, as if the natural components were not enough. Buy the real deal – get fresh green coconuts and once cracked open, just drink straight from the fruit.


Natural Foods

With a natural food label, manufacturers can just about double the price, as most of us don’t really check the fine print on the labels; the big one on the front of the packaging sold us already. One of the biggest health fads is buying expensive natural foods. If it is packaged it is more like a convenience food. Buy fresh from the grocer or the market, unless you can see that the item is a whole, natural food in clear packaging.


Exercise Aids

We have all seen running shoes that claim to tone our glutes with us just walking around the mall, eating that greasy burger. Yes, the running shoes claim to combat what we actually put in our mouths. But in reality, we all know that if it really worked, then gyms would be completely empty, runners would be on the couch with a cheese burger and we would all have these amazing glutes. Just don’t go there.


The Detox Diet

This must be the ultimate diet gimmick; the old favourite - the detox diet. Detox enthusiasts claim that by eating nothing but a bit of purified cabbage and liquid carrots, our fat will melt away and those evil toxins will be banished from our systems forever.

Understand it is the evil toxins that are making us fat, not the fried chicken, roast potatoes, or gallons of beer. And if this diet fad was true, then what jobs do our lungs, liver, kidneys and sweat glands have now? Are they not responsible for eliminating toxins from our bodies? Exactly.



It really doesn’t make much sense to add artificial components to our diet, when we are trying to live healthier. Sugar in its true form, is actually burned up so fast, just reading this article will burn half a teaspoon of real sugar. That teaspoon of sugar is not the enemy; it is the hidden sugars that are; like the ones added to coconut water. Including as many ingredients into our diets in their most natural form is the way a healthy lifestyle is achieved. Leave the artificial stuff on the shelf.


Diet Soft Drinks

This one goes hand in hand with artificial sweeteners. Yes the real sugar content will be somewhat diluted, but it’s all the other junk and additives that go into it that make it even worse. Again, rather drink pure, natural fruit juice, with natural fruit sugars than drink this stuff. It just facilitates a breeding ground for things like cellulite, so stick to water and the real stuff. This one might not actually be a health gimmick, as it has been around for ages, but it is not going to help you ordering a large chocolate Sunday and a small diet coke.


Diet Snacks

Yes we are all busy, yes we are all on the run, and when we are hungry it is difficult to make the right dietary choices. If we had planned ahead the night before, we would not be drooling at the pizza and hot foods counter in the supermarket. We would be munching on a salad at the office. Diet snacks may claim to have less calories, but within one hour of eating it, you will find that you are ravenous again. Packed with hidden sugars, and empty calories, snack packs are not the healthiest option.


Exercise Equipment Infomercials

These must be the absolute worst when it comes to creating health crazes, the infomercials. Even though again, we know deep down it is wrong, these guys are building empires on the fact that us lot sit on the couch and wonder to ourselves, ‘’What if?” So we rush off and buy it, and are too ashamed to tell anyone, and secretly sell it online before anybody finds it hidden in the garage.


Fat Burners

My personal favorite, touted as miracle cures that will enable us to continue eating anything we want, as the miracle tablet burns our fat while we sleep. Hello? First of all the bodies in the advertisements filling their faces with tacos and pizza on the TV are toned to perfection, from long hard hours in the gym. Supplementation is one thing, but fat burners are just ridiculous. Just eat healthier and eliminate fat from your diet for results. Don’t add to the fat burner guy’s bank balance.


Diet Milkshakes

The health and diet industry is dead set on making use of our insane desperation to lose masses of weight without doing a thing or changing our lives at all. The lazier we are, the more money they make. Fantastic, but not so much for us, the average Janes and Joes. Diets milkshakes are another health craze that promise to make us lose weight, but they are just revolting. The powder doesn’t mix properly with the liquid and when you shake it up it just splatters all over your office.

I know this has been somewhat negative, and there are some good products on the market. If you find one that works for you that is not to be discouraged. Just don’t waste tons of cash trying to find one that works. Health crazes are just that; they are no substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. We have all tried out at least one of these fitness fads, from this list of 10 Health Gimmicks to Stop Wasting your Money on, and have found that most of them don’t work. Which one have you tried? Or better, share with us, ones that have worked.

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To be fair, some of those exercise infomercials are legit. The problem is people buy them and then don't use them. I heard of the Insanity program on an infomercial, and I tell you, it does EXACTLY what it claims ... IF you actually do it. It's the best investment I've ever made in my health and fitness routine. Same thing with any of them really. The equipment isn't to be blamed and shunned as a gimmick just because the people who buy it can't get off their ass to use it.

I disagree with the diet milkshakes. I swear by protein shakes and I don't know anyone that's had a problem with them. Some diet milkshakes are rubbish but not all and it all needs to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Like the above comment, you can't blame the shake if the drinker won't get off their backside and burn some calories

^^ to annonomyous why so negative? I found this article extremely useful, I myself had struggled with weight loss for yrs and tried every trick in the book and at the end of the day my mother and I have each lost 40kgs doing good old fashioned portion control with our meals no fats no added sugars, and an hr walk everyday..

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