7 Health 😷 Benefits of Eating Chocolate 🍫 to Feel Less Guilty 😕 about Your Sweet Tooth 😋 ...

What are the health benefits of chocolate? Are there any? Rest assured that you can definitely eat chocolate without feeling guilty.

We have multiple holidays coming up in the next few months and sweets are sure to become a frequent indulgence. One of these sweets will surely be chocolate. Chocolate has been debated. Is it healthy or unhealthy? Bad or good? Well here you'll find out that chocolate has multiple benefits, especially dark chocolate. Choose chocolate with at least 70% cacao. Then enjoy the following health benefits of chocolate.

1. Improves Memory

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Chocolate has been found to prevent memory decline. The natural ingredients in this treat improve blood flow throughout the brain, so I guess you could say that chocolate will make you smarter. That's one of the the best health benefits of chocolate, so enjoy it!

2. Controls Blood Pressure

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A square of dark chocolate has been linked to a lower blood pressure. This helps combat heart disease so enjoy your treat in moderation.

3. Reduces Cravings

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One of the better of the five benefits listed here is that dark chocolate has been known to reduce your craving for other sweets. This right here is benefit for anyone who might have a sweet tooth.

4. Treats a Cough

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One of the lesser known benefits of chocolate is that it may help treat a cough. This is due to the chemical Theobromin that is found in chocolate. Cool, right?

5. Boosts Skin Health

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Chocolate has also been known to help make the skin glow as long as you eat in small portions and stick to the dark variety.

6. Makes You Happy

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Chocolate has been known to boost mood. You know that wonderful feeling you get when you're savoring a delicious truffle.

7. Boosts Vision

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Because your vision relies on healthy blood flow to the retina, eating chocolate can protect your eyesight, since it boosts blood flow throughout your entire body.

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