9 Great Benefits of Greek Yoghurt ...


9 Great Benefits of Greek Yoghurt ...
9 Great Benefits of Greek Yoghurt ...

Move over, boring old yoghurt! Greek yoghurt is taking over valuable real estate on store shelves and refrigerator shelves all across the country. But is it any better for you than regular yoghurt? If you’re ready to try the trend, but aren’t sure what the benefits of Greek yoghurt are, keep reading. Here are 9 great benefits of Greek yoghurt.

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Low in Calories

Both traditional and Greek yoghurts are relatively low in calories, which is a boon for anyone on a diet. Take a peek at the label on your yoghurt, no matter which type or brand, and make sure those calories are coming from protein, not added sugars.


High in Calcium

All yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium, something we women need, especially as we age, for healthy teeth and bones. While Greek yoghurt does have slightly less calcium than regular yoghurt, it does still contain about 15% of the USDA recommended daily amount in one serving.


Bacteria is Brilliant!

Again, like regular yoghurt, another benefit of Greek yoghurt is that it contains natural bacteria that aid digestion. Studies have shown that people who eat yoghurt regularly are able to use these friendly bacteria to help them maintain a healthy weight.


Higher in Protein

Here’s a benefit of Greek yoghurt most of us don’t know: it’s higher in protein than regular yoghurt, which is especially great for vegetarians, who typically worry about getting enough protein. How much protein does a serving of Greek yoghurt have? Almost twice as much as regular yoghurt.


Thicker and Creamier

If you find regular yoghurt to be wimpy, thin, and boring, give Greek yoghurt a try! It’s thicker, creamier, and has a tangier, richer flavor. This is one of my personal favorite benefits of Greek yoghurt, the reason I tried it, and loved it, in the first place!

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Less Sugar

While Greek yoghurt and regular yoghurt have about the same number of calories per serving, Greek yoghurt has more protein, as I mentioned above. This also means those calories made up of protein had to come from somewhere else — sugar. Greek yoghurt has a lot less sugar than its regular counterparts — about half the sugar, actually.


Less Lactose

Greek yoghurt gets its thick, creamy texture from being strained more than regular yoghurt. This straining process also leads to another benefit of Greek yoghurt — it contains a lot less lactose than regular yoghurt, making it an option for the lactose-intolerant.


Less Sodium

Here’s a benefit of Greek yoghurt that’s important to anyone who suffers from hypertension — it contains less than half of the amount of sodium in regular yoghurt. The USDA reports that most Americans consume too much sodium, to the point that they don’t even recommend a daily amount.


Better for Cooking

Because Greek yoghurt isn’t as sweet, and because it’s thicker and creamier than regular yoghurt, the plain variety is excellent for cooking, or for making into other treats. I love adding diced cucumbers to plain Greek yoghurt, or using it instead of sour cream in recipes.

If you haven’t tried Greek yoghurt yet, what are you waiting for? With so many great (and a few unexpected) benefits of Greek yoghurt, why opt for regular yoghurt anymore? Remember to always check labels and choose plain, low-fat or no-fat yoghurt to reap the most benefits and still be diet-conscious. Which of these perks will convince you to make the switch to Greek yoghurt? Or is there another benefit of Greek yoghurt you’ve heard about? Do tell!

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Congrats!!!greek yogurt is the best!!!

I'm Greek and here's some stuff I definitely didn't know :P I've kind of cut yogurt out of my life but am more than happy to start eating it again now!

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