7 Good Reasons to Start Using Quinoa ...


If you haven't heard of quinoa, you've probably been hiding under a rock somewhere. So, what's the big deal about this so called "superfood". Let Casey, our fabulous guest contributor convince you!

Quinoa has been labelled a ‘superfood’ and if that didn’t make me cautious to try it then all the different ways you can buy it sure did. Flakes, flour, seeds, puffs and not to mention the multitude of colours available (although some very hard to find) – what do you do with it? Why is it being touted as the next big thing? Each type is great for something and here’s why I think that they might just be right when they say ‘superfood’.

1. It’s Packed Full of Protein

With roughly 8-10g of protein per cup of cooked Quinoa this little super seed beats out most other grains and even rivals some meats for protein levels; and it isn’t just the amount of protein provided that makes it so special, oh no, this type of protein is made up of all 8 amino acids our body needs for a great protein balance. (Suite101 Health and Wellness, 2013)

Wheat and Gluten Free
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