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8 Good Carbs to Eat ...

By Jennifer

Poor carbs! They’ve gotten such a bad reputation lately, when in fact, they’re so important to a healthy diet. While it’s true that most of us eat too many bad carbs (like extra added sugars), we all need to know which good carbs to eat. Of course, I can help! Here are 8 good carbs to eat… and enjoy, while everyone else is avoiding these tasty nutrients, the silly things.

1 Fresh Veggies

Is there anything quite as satisfying as a bite of crunchy fresh vegetables? Feel free to indulge, since fresh veggies are a great source of good carbs to eat. Think about it logically: is any diet where you’re encouraged to eat a hamburger, but not the lettuce and tomato, a good thing? No way.

2 Fresh Fruits

While fresh fruits do tend to be higher on the glycemic index (the sugar in them makes them easy to digest), they’re still a source of good carbs because they also contain so many other and nutrients, like antioxidants, other vitamins, and fiber. Your best bet is to enjoy fresh, unprocessed fruits that are just ripe, not over-ripe.



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3 Beans

Beans make an excellent salad topping, and on top of that (pun intended), they’re high in protein, even though they’re also high in carbs. These are good carbs, though, including fiber, and they’re also low on the glycemic index, which means they take longer to digest, and provide a longer-burning energy.

4 Legumes

What exactly are legumes? They contain good carbs to eat, like fiber, and include alfalfa, peas, lentils, carob, soy, and peanuts. I love adding alfalfa to a sandwich, and a handful of dry-roasted peanuts is a great snack!

5 Nuts

Be careful when you add these good carbs to your diet, since some nuts can be fattening, especially when they’re coated with chocolate or yoghurt. Stick to healthier nuts, like pistachios, almonds, and walnuts. A good way to get these good carbs? Add them to low-fat yoghurt.

6 Brown Rice (rather than Potatoes)

Most Americans eat more potatoes than any other vegetable (are they technically a vegetable?)… but these starchy potatoes aren’t the best carbs to eat. Replace smashed potatoes or French fries with brown rice, which contains good carbs.

7 Whole Grains (rather than Processed/bleached)

Did you know that white bread is bleached? That can’t possibly be healthy, and in fact, it’s not. Swap these bad carbs (highly processed white bread) for the good carbs (including fiber) in whole grain bread instead. Check the labels to make sure your whole grain bread doesn’t contain added sugars or high fructose corn syrup, though.

8 Low-fat Dairy

Dairy is a great way to get calcium and other nutrients, and while it does contain a lot of carbs, no worries — low-fat or no-fat dairy contains good carbs. Remember that whole dairy is high in fat, though, so opt for low-fat or skim varieties of your favorite dairy products instead.

With so many good carbs to eat, why eat the bad-for-you, easily processed foods, and the bad carbs in them? Make a resolution to eat all of these good carbs this summer, and enjoy the energy boost and better digestion they’ll give you! Which of these carbs is your favorite, and why? Or is there another source of good carbs you prefer? Please share!

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