8 Foods 🍌🍆🍊 You Should Eat More 🍽 of in the Winter ❄️ ...


There are so many foods you should eat more of in winter. Winter is the season that brings us the joys of Christmas, but it is also the coldest season for many countries around the world, and therefore a season that brings with it the potential for lots of pesky illnesses! One way to actively fight against developing annoying seasonal bugs is to make sure that are eating plenty of the recommended healthy foods. To fend off some of the more negative impacts of the winter months, commit to eating as many diverse foods as possible. Here are the best foods you should eat more of in winter.

1. Red Peppers

One of the foods you should eat more of in winter is red peppers. Red Peppers are full of vitamin C, which is well known for being able to reduce tiredness while strengthening your immune system. Even though citrus fruits are often hailed as the kings of vitamin C, a bell pepper actually contains more than three times the amount that can be found in an orange!

Smoked Salmon
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