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7 Fabulous Reasons to Follow the Mediterranean Diet ...

By Alicia

The Mediterranean Diet is a good choice for a healthy life. It includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean cuts of meats. Healthy fats like olive oil replace unhealthy fats like butter, and processed foods and sugary treats are only a rare indulgence. It can take some getting used to, but the health benefits and smaller waistline make it all worth it. Here are 7 specific and fabulous reasons to follow the Mediterranean Diet.

1 It’s an Overall Healthy Way of Living

The Mediterranean Diet is an overall healthy way of living. It’s built of healthy choices. Fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean meats are a diet that doctors love to see their patients following. Cutting out the bad things such as fat, excessive sugar and processed foods can only benefit you. You’ll reap numerous benefits from choosing to follow this diet plan.

2 It’s a Heart Healthy Diet

There are so many ways that the Mediterranean Diet benefits your health. One of those ways is that it’s a heart healthy diet. Doctors advise cutting down on fat, cholesterol and sodium in order to have a healthy heart. This diet does all three of those things. It’s no surprise that individuals who follow this diet have a longer life expectancy.

3 It Cuts Your Risk of Developing Diabetes Way down

In addition to being heart healthy, the Mediterranean Diet also helps cut your risk of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that’s on the rise and a lot of the reason for that is the poor food choices so many people make. Bad food choices are also linked to weight gain, another risk factor for diabetes. If you can’t go completely Mediterranean in your diet, you might consider following it somewhat. Even small changes are going to be helpful.

4 You’ll Feel Better and Have More Energy

Eating healthy is going to affect how you feel. It only makes sense. If you eat good foods, you feel good. If you eat junk then you usually feel pretty junky. I know that I’ve noticed this in my own diet. Days that I make healthy food choices are days I feel better.

5 Weight Loss is Almost Guaranteed

When you change your diet in a positive way, as the way the Mediterranean Diet does, your weight is bound to go down. Of course, you do have to watch portion size somewhat. But when you trade in your Swiss rolls and potato chips for fruit salad and grilled fish then your calorie count is going to drop significantly. Your fat and carb counts will drop too. Don’t be surprised if you see a significant change in your weight after switching to this way of eating.

6 It’s Clean Eating

Clean eating is when you eat foods that are close to nature. They haven’t been changed in significant ways. You’re basically cutting out processed foods and eating more real foods. This is a very healthy way of eating. You’re not ingesting foods that have ingredients that you don’t recognize. You can feel good knowing what you’re putting into your body.

7 You’ll Have a Beautiful and Youthful Glow

People in the Mediterranean area of Europe who follow this diet age beautifully. Better stated, they hardly age at all and not until late in life. Who doesn’t want a beautiful and youthful glow? This is a win-win in my opinion. It’s one more great benefit of this diet plan.

These are 7 fabulous reasons to consider the Mediterranean Diet. Have you tried this diet before? Do you feel motivated to give it a try?

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