7 Fabulous Flat Belly Tips to Try Now ...


Ladies, have I got some fabulous flat belly tips for you! If you’re looking to trim down or just get into better shape for the new season, these simple flat belly tips can help you achieve a smaller stomach and beat the bloat! To me, there’s nothing worse than feeling bloated, but luckily there are practical diet tips that can help you achieve a flatter belly and lose weight!

1. Snack on Protein

Snack on Protein

One of the newer flat belly tips I learned about is to snack on protein. But the catch is, your protein snack should be eaten between 3 and 4PM. Why you ask? The reason it’s important to snack on protein during that hour is because it boosts your metabolism and balances your blood sugar. Ideally, you should eat something every 3-4 hours to help ensure that your blood sugar is balanced. Balanced blood sugar leads to lowered insulin, which is important because higher levels of insulin can cause your belly to store fat.

Get Resistant
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