Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Protein ...


Your body needs protein and getting enough should be on everyone’s priority list. It’s important to be consuming enough protein, but it’s also a good idea to know all about it, which makes it easier to make healthy choices. A protein deficiency is pretty rare, but experts say that most Americans could be getting more. Here’s everything you ever needed or wanted to know about protein. Use this info to get and stay as healthy as you can, no matter your age.

1. Pretty Much Every Body System Uses Protein

Protein is the building block for many of your body’s functions. That includes keeping your muscles strong and healthy, regulating hormones and maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. You can generally tell if you aren’t getting enough protein because your skin will be dry, your hair and nails will be brittle and you’ll generally feel unwell. Boosting your intake can take care of these issues.

Most Adults Need Two to Three Servings Each Day
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