Eat Japanese Food if You Want the Best anti-Ageing Diet ...


Eat Japanese Food if You Want the Best anti-Ageing Diet ...
Eat Japanese Food if You Want the Best anti-Ageing Diet ...

When it comes to anti-ageing, you might think that different kinds of makeup and cosmetic products are the first things to go to to avoid wrinkles and eliminate age lines, but you need to be thinking about the products you are putting into your body too! Food and diet choices can play a big part in helping with the anti-ageing process, and out of all the different cuisines in the world, Japanese is consistently hailed as being the best. With some of the youngest looking elders and some of the highest life expectancy ages, it would be fair to say that Japan and its food culture is definitely getting it right! Here are a few solid reasons why Japanese food is the best for an anti-ageing diet.

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Tofu, Edamame & Miso

Soy beans and all of the products that can be made with them are amazing for you, thanks to their high content of unsaturated fatty acids. These are the ‘good’ kinds of fats that your body needs to function properly. The active ingredient in soya can also be great for moisturising your skin from the inside, keeping it plump, smooth and bright. Additionally, soy saponins can help to prevent fats from being completely metabolised, instead encouraging the body to excrete it.



The calorie count in rice is worth it alone, with only 200 calories in 100 grams. The vitamins and fibre found in Japanese white rice can also do wonders for boosting metabolism, which aids in fat burning to keep your body nice and lean and healthy.



And then, of course, there is the fish element. Fish is one of the most commonly eaten proteins across Japan, and for good reason. Fish provides you with omega 3 fatty acids that are absolutely essential, for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as many other things. High fat fish such as salmon are perfect for boosting your health and contributing to an anti-ageing food regime. If you eat salmon and also tuna at least twice a week, you will be well on your way to doing great things for your anti ageing prospects.

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