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Super Easy Ways to Drink More Water in Your Day ...

By Leiann

It is a fact. Drinking water is essential to our being. Do you need some easy ways to drink more water every day?

It is so important to stay hydrated during the day, not only to replenish the water that we lose throughout the day but drinking more water can aid in weight loss, manage diabetes, is essential in pregnancy and also keeps your teeth, skin, and gums healthy.

When you don’t have enough water, dehydration comes out to play. When you’re dehydrated you’ll experience dry mouth, low blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, dry skin, and worst of all, fatigue.

But how can we drink more water in a day? Check out these easy ways to drink more water every day.

1 Make It a Routine

Take gulps of H2O after you do something that is already part of your daily routine. To start, pick one or two habits that you practice daily and add drinking water to them. That way you can slowly work it into your routine. This is one of the best easy ways to drink more water every day.

2 Choose a Water Bottle You like

Choosing a water bottle you like can help inspire you to drink more water. With numerous different kinds of reusable water bottles on the market, you can find the bottle that motivates you the most to sip on more water. The bottom line is, invest in a water bottle that you will actually use and that will encourage you to drink more. With so many brands, colors, and designs, there’s a style you’ll love.

3 Carry It Everywhere

After you purchase a water bottle you like, carry it everywhere – from the gym to the car to your bedroom – and refill as necessary. Keep a bottle of water handy at home, at work and on the run. If you'll be out running errands, freeze a water bottle overnight and bring it with you the next day. It will thaw in the car and allow for cool refreshment between stops. Keeping a water bottle with you will help you stay hydrated all day long. You’ll even notice that you’ll take more sips just because you’re holding it – it becomes second nature! Can’t bring your water bottle somewhere? Be on the lookout for public water fountains and stop and take a few sips each time you see one.

4 Add Bubbles and Flavor

If plain drinking water is hard for your to consistently drink, try no calorie, unsweetened carbonated water. Sparkling water can make drinking water fun and help replace a sugary soda addiction. Try replacing soda with sparkling water.

5 Pace Yourself

Holding (and drinking from) a cup of water will help you pace yourself at social events, parties and dinners that offer tempting food and drink. Try drinking a cup of water between bites of the calorie abomination you're faced with. It is hard to eat an entire piece of cake if you have to drink a glass of water between every single bite!

6 Dilute Sugary Drinks with Water and Ice

If drinking juice, lemonade, or iced tea is a daily habit, water down your sips with H20 and a healthy helping of ice. You’ll still get the sweetness you’re craving with a healthy dose of the water your body needs.

7 Lobby for a Water Cooler in Your Office

If you have a water cooler or purified drinking system available to you and in close proximity throughout the workday, you may be more likely to grab a glass of water than to head to the kitchen to refill your coffee cup.

8 Next Time Hunger Creeps up on You, Try a Bowl of Soup

The broth contains plenty of water content, and it'll satisfy your appetite simultaneously. Broth-based soups definitely offer a flavorful means of hydrating. Now that the cold weather is about to be upon us, it makes this an even more appealing option.

9 Many Fruits and Vegetables Are Also Water Rich

By adding extra of your favorites you’ll quickly and easily be hydrating your body, without really even having to force yourself. Fruits and vegetables that are super rich in water include watermelon, tomatoes, eggplant, oranges, and celery, just to name a few.

10 Make Water Bets

Make a bet with a co-worker to see who can drink more water over the course of a day.

11 Stop Junk Food Cravings

When you have a junk-food craving, down a glass of water immediately. You feel full quickly and avoid the calories, and it lets time pass till the craving fades.

12 Water Enhancer Packets

There are packets such as name brands like Wyler's, Hawaiian Punch, Margaritaville, Squirt, etc. that are sugar-free with all sorts of flavor, most costing less than $2.00 a box. Simply open up a packet, add to your water and shake.

Just a couple of these tricks can push you across the eight-cup finish line fairly painlessly. Some research says to drink half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, drink 80 ounces.

So raise a glass and tell your metabolism who’s the boss. Sometimes, simply conquering your water goal is enough to set you on the right path in even more areas. Cheers!


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