7 Easy DIY Tips to Create a Healthy Pantry ...


I'd like to show you how to make a healthy pantry in just 7 simple steps. I know, I know, when we think of a pantry, we think of it as the house for all our naughty snacks. Chips, cookies, candies, sugar, and other processed foods often fill our pantries alongside all our healthier items like spices, oatmeal, nut butters, and canned veggies. Most pantries have a nice mix of both naughty and nice items, but usually, the naughty items seem to be the ones that get eaten first. Am I right? To help you create a healthy pantry, I’d like to share 7 easy tips. Don’t worry, it’s not as tough as you think!

1. Purge It

One of the first steps to create a healthy pantry is to purge all that bad stuff ASAP! It’s just torturing you, don’t you see? How could anyone in their right mind reach for some whole grain crackers when they’ve got double fudge Oreos staring them in the face? Give yourself a break and just get rid of the bad stuff. It’s doing nothing for you, and only hurting your goal to eating healthy. Plus, it’s a total waste of money. Do you really just eat a few Oreos or chocolate chip cookies at a time? I didn’t think so!

Organize It
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