4. Veggie Chips

Don't be fooled by the snacks labeled healthy like veggie chips - those vegetable versions of potato chips are made with very little produce and have up to twice the sodium of potato chips for only about 30 fewer calories. Air-popped popcorn gives you the same crunchy goodness and loads more.

Three cups counts as a serving of whole grains and packs more antioxidants than a serving of fruit or vegetables, a recent University of Scranton study reported. That's because the antioxidants are more concentrated in popcorn due to its lower water content compared to fluid-rich produce. And while three cups of plain air-popped popcorn has only 93 calories compared to veggie snacks' 140, who really wants a flavorless snack? Add some oil and herbs, and both your body and your taste buds will enjoy the 160 to 220 calories.

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