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We drink water from various sources, but do you know the difference between the different types of water? Water is something that we absolutely cannot live without, but interestingly it also something that many of us don’t fully understand! When it comes to choosing a type of water to drink on a regular basis, you have three key sources: tap, filtered and bottled. Each water type is different and can contain different ‘ingredients’; some you should be trying to avoid, and some that you should be trying to obtain! Let’s get into this a little more in-depth (pun intended!). do you know the differences between water sources?

1. Tap Water

The majority of tap water is monitored by the Safe Drinking Water Act, so it’s safe to drink. The benefit of tap water is that it contains the optimal concentration of fluoride that helps to prevent tooth decay in your mouth. If you never drink tap water, it is recommended that you use a fluoridated toothpaste to compensate. The primary concern related to tap water is that of retention times, meaning that by the time the water gets to you from your local treatment plant, it has been exposed to potential microbial growth and by-products.

Filtered Water
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