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7 Best Diet Magazines to Subscribe to ...

By Jennifer

There’s Vogue to feed your inner fashionista, Newsweek to keep your mind sharp, and People to keep you current on all your fave celebs… but what to read to keep you on the right diet track? I can help. I subscribe to far more magazines than I can read in a month, but every couple of weeks, my mailbox is full of the best diet magazines, all of which I read cover to cover the minute I receive them. While there are a few duds out there to avoid (all ads, no good advice or recipes!), these ones are the best, the ones I keep and refer to, or share with friends and never get back. Here are the 7 best diet magazines to subscribe to (or to swipe from a friend).

1 Cooking Light

Cooking Light is my favorite, the absolute best diet magazine to subscribe to! It comes out monthly, and it’s the most popular food magazine in the U.S., which I suppose means everyone’s looking for healthy, diet-friendly recipes. Cooking Light always has delightfully different recipes, with everything from appetizers to low-cal desserts, and everything in between.

2 Weight Watchers

Even if you’re not on the Weight Watchers diet program, this magazine is still wonderful! It comes out every other month (bi-monthly) and it’s a total lifestyle magazine, with recipes, tips for sticking to your diet, advice, and inspiration.

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3 Vegetarian Times

The Veggie Times comes out 9 times a year, and I look forward to every issue! While you certainly don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it, or to have a healthy diet, I love the recipes anyway, and so will you!

4 Eating Well

I have to say that Eating Well is one of the best diet magazines because of its divine test kitchen. Their recipes are incredibly tasty, and all of them are healthy. The only downside? It’s a bi-monthly publication, not often enough! I want more!

5 Kiwi

This is the best diet magazine for parents, because its focus is on teaching our children to have a healthy lifestyle. It’s packed with ways to help your child learn healthy eating and exercise habits, and the approach is simple. Again, my only regret with this magazine is that it doesn’t come out every month.

6 Shape

I love Shape; it has to be included in everyone’s list of best diet magazines! It’s about more than just dieting, which is why I love it. Every month, Shape is packed with inspiration, diet and fitness tips, and even a little fashion and celeb gossip thrown in for good measure.

7 Oxygen

I’m a recent reader of Oxygen, but it still makes my list of the best diet magazines. For some, it may be a little hard core, but I appreciate the nutrition and fitness advice; it’s not watered down. It’s published monthly, too, and there’s always something new.

Add these to your must-read list, and enjoy a few new recipes and a load of good, sound, entertaining diet advice! I especially love Shape and Cooking Light, but which of these diet magazines do you like best, and why? Or is there another one you’d like to see top my list of the best diet magazines? Do tell!

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