7 Best and Worst Ways to Detox Your Body ...


7 Best and Worst Ways to Detox Your Body ...
7 Best and Worst Ways to Detox Your Body ...

We all know the importance of detoxification but did you know that some detox methods are actually bad for you? Read Ariana's informative post to know what you should and shouldn't be doing. Thanks Ariana!

Whether you want to lose weight for swimsuit season, or to fit into that little black dress, or maybe you simply want to cleanse your body, detoxes have become very popular. While some of these systems help cleanse out your body, some of them can be potentially dangerous. Here are 8 different methods and their pros and cons.

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BluePrint Cleanse

Created by former bartenders Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, this is one of the most popular detoxes. The site helps you chose the right cleanse for your lifestyle and eating habits (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The company sends you 6 juices everyday for the length of your detox, which ranges from 1-6 days. Every bottle is labeled from 1 through so it's pretty fool proof. Nutritionally, the juices are choc full of veggies and healthy fats, so your not depriving you body of essential vitamins. However, this convenient customized package costs about $85 a day!


Cooler Cleanse

Eric Helm created this cleanse for actress Selma Hayek. This particular company now has a 1, 3, 5 day liquid detox, as well as a raw food detox, which allows you to eat a raw food dinner after drinking the juices throughout the day. This also has 6 juices you drink a day, all of which are labeled. Like BluePrint Cleanse they deliver the juice to you, but Cooler Cleanse costs about $58 a day for the three day cleanse. You are also still getting lots of veggies, nutrients, and healthy fats with this cleanse!


Master Cleanse (aka the Lemonade Diet)

The Master Cleanse (aka The Lemonade Diet) was created by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s. The liquid-only DIY detox consists of drinking 6 or more glasses of a questionable brew of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper each day. You’re also allowed to drink salt water in the morning and an herbal laxative tea at night to help flush your body (Oh, goodie!). The Master Cleanse is dangerously low in calories and the few it does have contain practically zero nutritional value. Although Burroughs created an official recipe, many people mix their own proportions and flood their body with even more empty sugars.


Kaeng Raeng

Kaeng Raeng (which means «be healthy, be strong» in Thai) started in the kitchen of Stanford graduate Lindsay Reinsmith who was experimenting with creating her own detox. This vegan cleanse donates a portion of its proceeds to the Humane Society. This liquid- and raw-food regimen provides three drink mixes a day (blueberry blackberry banana, strawberry raspberry pineapple, and mango peach pineapple) and lets you eat as many fruits and veggies as your stomach desires. The mixture is dairy, gluten, and caffeine-free—although you can mix the powders with milk, juice, yogurt, or water—and is loaded with probiotics, fiber, protein, and freeze-dried fruit. And at $14 a day, plus produce, it's one of the cheapest options out there!


Look Better Naked 2day Cleanse

Created by dietitian Keri Glassman is not a juice detox, but a pretty clean one anyway. It's only two days long, and consists of smoothies, greens and lean proteins. it allows you to eat, so if you can't commit to drinking all your calories for 3 or more days, this might be a good alternative. It's very clean eating, that borders on bland and is only for two days. And it may inspire you to continue including greens in your meals!


Martha's Vineyard

This detox is not for the faint of heart. It boasts that you lose 21 pounds in 21 day. Yes, this is a 21 day liquid diet cleanse. The 21-day, liquid-only detox combines supplements and homemade juices and soups with water, herbal teas, and digestive enzymes. On this cleanse, you feed your body a drink every 2 hours, including a mixed berry supplement, an essential greens supplement, a RegeniCARE joint supplement, a glass of juice, and homemade vegetable soup. Between «meals» you’re allowed to drink water and tea. The diet is very restrictive, and not very nutritionally sound considering it's three weeks long.


The Raw Juice Diet

Raw food guru Anya Ladra and her team of expert chefs have created a special menu of low-calorie botanical foods (including some delicious raw chocolate desserts) and juices made from organic plants. The high concentration of enzymes, vitamins and minerals - as well as water - in the raw juice diets, are maintained because they are not lost through cooking processes, keep the body hydrated, nourished and speed up the detoxing process. The smoothies and juices are delicious and high in quality, as are the (albeit tiny) salads that accompany them. However, this 5 day cleanse is again quite pricey at $400!

Detoxes are a huge commitment. Some of them are can really help you cleanse your body while losing a little weight, while some of them are a little more like starving yourself. Do your research before Before doing any of these cleanses to make sure you truly understand the commitment and the nutritional value of the detox. You don't want to begin the process wanting to lose fat and wind up losing muscle mass in the end.

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Master cleanse is NOT low in calories! I followed the official diet from the book and got a little over 1200 calories per day.

Oh, I see $14 A DAY! My bad

I really wanted to do the Kaeng Raeng but it's $70, NOT $15....any suggestions?

Great information. Some detoxes are really bad for your body and do result in weight loss, but also in muscle mass loss. What people should focus on is fat loss not just weight loss. Detox your body in a healthy way by eating clean, fresh foods, not processed junk. A healthy lifestyle results in a natural "detox" for your body year round, not just a few days.

The blue print and cooler cleanse sound good. Great information on the master cleanse. I tried it but was unsuccessful. The other two cleanses sound much healthier

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