7 Best and Worst Ways to Detox Your Body. ...


We all know the importance of detoxification but did you know that some detox methods are actually bad for you? Read Ariana's informative post to know what you should and shouldn't be doing. Thanks Ariana!

Whether you want to lose weight for swimsuit season, or to fit into that little black dress, or maybe you simply want to cleanse your body, detoxes have become very popular. While some of these systems help cleanse out your body, some of them can be potentially dangerous. Here are 8 different methods and their pros and cons.

1. BluePrint Cleanse

Created by former bartenders Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, this is one of the most popular detoxes. The site helps you chose the right cleanse for your lifestyle and eating habits (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The company sends you 6 juices everyday for the length of your detox, which ranges from 1-6 days. Every bottle is labeled from 1 through so it's pretty fool proof. Nutritionally, the juices are choc full of veggies and healthy fats, so your not depriving you body of essential vitamins. However, this convenient customized package costs about $85 a day!

Cooler Cleanse
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