7 Benefits of Incorporating an Ayurvedic Diet into Your Life ...


An Ayurvedic diet is one you might not have heard of, but I’d like to share with you to inspire you to start incorporating an Ayurvedic diet into your life. The best part is, it isn’t so much a diet where you focus on consuming less of anything, but focus more on balancing the body and hormones. Ayurveda is often associated with yogic lifestyles, and will most definitely complement a yoga practice well, but the two aren’t married together permanently, and you can practice Ayurveda even if you don’t like yoga. Ayurveda is about eating well to balance the body, and mental health. It’s about seeing the body as a whole, as a mind, body and spirit, and living and eating to nourish that principle. I became interested in an Ayurvedic life a couple of years ago when I read the book Integrative Nutrition by Joshua Rosenthal, which taught me about the lifestyle. Since then, I’ve read many other books on the Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet, and have only loved what I’ve read thus far. If you’re curious of why you could benefit from incorporating an Ayurvedic diet into your life, check out the reasons below. I hope they’ll inspire you to start living and eating just a bit differently this week.

1. Eat with the Seasons

One of the best reasons to start incorporating an Ayurvedic diet into your life is it teaches you to eat with the seasons. Why should this be of concern? Eating with the seasons is a great way to nourish your body based on what it needs. In the fall, for instance, we’re given root vegetables through harvest, which help ground us and keep us warm. In the summer, we’re abundant in fruits and fresh greens to be light in our bodies, while the summer’s heat can feel heavy. Whether you’re vegan or an omnivore, eating with the seasons is all about eating what’s in season, which will make you happier and also enhance your immune system. It also connects you with nature, which is incredibly important to help you connect with the world and appreciate food for what it truly is.

Eat an Early Breakfast
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