7 Awesome 😎 Rules to Stay Lean βš–οΈ According to the Body Coach πŸ’ͺ ...


If you don’t know who Joe Wicks is at this point in the game, then you must have been living under a rock for the past five years! The self titled β€˜Body Coach’ is one of the internet’s most popular fitness and nutrition gurus, with bestselling books and even a prime time TV show to his name. Joe’s focus is on living and eating the right way in order to stay fit and lean, and his methods have proven successful for millions of fans all over the world. If you are looking to start a new fitness journey of your own, then why not get on the Joe Wicks train? Here are the rules to staying lean, according to the Body Coach!


Joe is a firm believe in HIIT cardio, or high intensity interval training. This is a workout that involves strenuous forms of exercise in short bursts, and it is the best kind of activity for burning body fat. As far as the Body Coach is concerned, the more you do it, the better, but doing a 30-minute session about four to five days a week is about right.

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