7 Apps to Help You Diet ...

Perhaps youโ€™re getting ready for bikini season and would like a little assistance from your smartphone with some apps to help you diet. Iโ€™ve often joked that my iPhone can do everything for me except iron my clothes and find me a husband! Just when you think youโ€™ve found the greatest app yet, another comes along, and another. One of my favorite types of apps are healthy living apps. Not only do these apps teach you about monitoring your food intake, but they also teach you about nutrition. Food is about more than calories, and these apps to help you diet show you ways to eat healthier, and integrate exercise. Now, unless someone designs an app to do the exercise for us, these 7 apps are pretty hard to beat.

1. Calorie Counter

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To drop pounds, staying motivated is key and Calorie Counterโ€™s app is one of the best apps to help you diet and stay motivated. This is possibly one of the most powerful nutrition aids in the app world. It doesnโ€™t only track your calories, but also your exercise. To boot, it has a library of over 400,000 packaged food items it recognizes so you are able to input your information in and get accurate, precise results in calorie, carb, fat and protein contents. You can scan the barcode of products at the store to get an analysis or the food, or just type in the first few letters of the product to get a reading. This app also encourages behavioral change and helps you stay encouraged and motivated. Cost is Free.

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