11 Ways to Know if Your Diet is Healthy or Not ...


Anytime you begin a diet, always keep in mind some ways to know if your diet is healthy or not.

These are the best “benchmarks” as I say, for knowing if something is working, and worth maintaining.

There are a few things about diets that can generally work for most people, but I don’t believe everything can work for everyone.

That being said, keep these ways to know if your diet is healthy in mind, so you stay healthy, and confident that what you’re doing is worth the effort.

1. Your Blood Sugar

The very first tip for finding ways to know if your diet is healthy, is to take a look at your blood sugar.

How often are you hungry in between meals?

Does your blood sugar rise and fall pretty quickly?

Do you crave sweets and carbs a good bit?2

Do you drink a lot of caffeine?

If so, all these are signs your blood sugar isn’t healthy.

You are either eating too many simple sugars, simple carbs, drinking too much caffeine, or not eating enough protein at meals.

Each of these things can cause your blood sugar to get out of control.

Ideally, it should remain even for at least 3 hours after you eat, and to keep it that way, be sure you do eat every three hours, and eat enough protein, produce, and complex carbs, not simple sugars or starches.

2. Your Cravings

After two weeks eating a new way, your cravings should start to diminish.

If they haven’t, you could still be eating too much sugar, which causes cravings, or you’re not eating enough.

If you’re depriving your body of all carbs, or all fat, no wonder you’re having cravings!

You can’t deprive the body of macronutrients like fat, protein, or carbs for long.

It will rebel.

You need to be sure to take in all three sources of macronutrients from the best sources possible, then cravings are less likely to happen.

Your Energy
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