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Don’t ignore how important your metabolism is.

It’s quite simply, the science behind maintaining a healthy weight and body.

Your metabolism is the set of biochemical processes that transform food into body fuel.

And with all the chemical processes that continuously go on inside your body, if you can influence your metabolism it can make a big difference.

Here are some ways you can β€œmakeover” your metabolism:

1. H.I.I.T

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One way to give your metabolism a makeover is to try H.I.I.T., or high-intensity interval training.

Your metabolism is a direct product of your activity levels, which means that when you are resting, your metabolism will be slow.

Getting involved in higher intensity work outs means that you will be exposing your body to much stronger levels of activity on a regular basis, and consequently your metabolism will pick up the pace to stay in accordance with your physicality.

2. Regular Sleep

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Along with good exercise, good sleep is also a key component to kick starting your metabolism.

Getting the recommended seven to eight hours of shut eye each night will boost your energy levels and naturally increase your productivity.

It has also been discovered that people who only get an average of four hours sleep a night burn calories much slower than those who get seven to eight hours.

3. Turn down the Heating

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As a general population trend, we are all living in environments that are too warm for our metabolisms to really flourish.

Evidence has shown that reducing the temperature of your living space can cause something called non-shivering thermogenesis which helps to activate the β€˜good’ brown fat that naturally insulate you instead of the white fat that stores excess calories.2

Basically, being slightly colder is better for your metabolism.

4. Avoid Sugar and Saturates

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It sounds like an obvious tip to give but it’s worth repeating.

The crux of the matter is that a healthy diet promotes a healthy metabolism, and the healthiest diets are those that avoid excessive amounts of sugar and saturated fats.

Don’t let your body become to accustomed to high-carb, high-fat foods because it will accept those as the norm and your metabolism will slow down as a result.

Not to mention the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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