7 Low-Calorie Coffee Drinks ...


Coffee drinks are one of the few things I love about fall!

Sure, in the summer, you can enjoy frozen or iced coffee drinks, but it’s just not the same as a steamy flavored latte… which, by the way, you can enjoy even if you’re dieting!

According to the talented barista at my local Biggby coffee, there are loads of coffee drinks you can have with less than 250 calories.

Curious, and perhaps thirst?

Here are 7 low-calorie coffee drinks.

1. Iced Spotted Owl

Iced Spotted Owl

Calorie count: 128

Wait, I thought we were supposed to be protecting the spotted owl, not drinking them!

But they’re so very tasty!

This latte is made with skim milk and sugar-free marshmallow, vanilla and hazelnut syrup.

For an extra kick, try it with two shots of espresso… yow!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Calorie count: 148

This is my fall coffee drink favorite, either this way (low-cal) or with whipped cream on top (just a smidge!).

It’s skim milk with one shot each of espresso and sugar-free pumpkin, gingerbread and cinnamon… so delicious!2

3. Gingersnap Latte

Gingersnap Latte

Calorie count: 198

This low-cal coffee drink is similar to the Pumpkin Spice latte, only instead of pumpkin and cinnamon, it’s just gingerbread with a shot of sugar-free marshmallow.

It really does taste like a gingersnap cookie!

4. S’Mores Latte

S’Mores Latte

Calorie count: 200

While most of us consider s’mores to be a mid-summer camping thing, why not enjoy one as a coffee drink this fall?

It’s a skim milk latte with sugar free shots of chocolate, marshmallow, and gingerbread.


Are you noticing a fall trend with all these gingerbread flavor shots?

5. Caramel Cocoa Latte

Caramel Cocoa Latte

Calorie count: 205

If you like the ooey-gooey flavor of caramel but want the coffee drink without the sticky after-effects, then try this!

It’s (again) a skim milk latte with one shot each of sugar-free chocolate and caramel syrup.

It has a completely different flavor than your typical mocha latte, or hot cocoa.

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