8 Great Summer Diet Snack Foods ...


Great summer diet snack foods — even just typing that makes me hungry! It’s summer, time for backyard BBQs and garden parties and so many other avenues for diet-busting temptation! You already know it’s a good idea to pass on the double-cheeseburger with an extra side of potato salad… but what about choices for summer diet snack foods? What can you bring to munch on, and to share, at all of these outdoor warm-weather events? Here are a few ideas for great summer diet snack foods. And you won’t need a cookbook, I swear!

1. Berries - a Sweet Summer Diet Snack Food!

A handful of fresh, sweet summer berries is a fulfilling, delicious snack, and a bowlful of mixed berries is a great bring-along to any summer BBQ! They’re in season almost all summer, from blueberries to strawberries, raspberries to blackberries. Top with a light cream or just eat them plain. So tasty… and they’re loaded with anti-oxidants!

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