9 Ways to Take Your Mind off Food when You're Not Really Hungry ...

Maybe you’re trying to lose some weight, or even overcome an unhealthy bingeing habit, and need some ways to take your mind off food. It’s a funny thing that you tend to think more about food when you know you don’t really need it, or you’re not even hungry. First off, let me say that if you really are hungry, then these tips don’t apply to you. If you're hungry, then eat! Yet, if you’re depressed and eating out of loneliness, or you’re just bored and have a mad sweet tooth, try these simple ways to take your mind off food. After all, food really does taste so much better when you’re really hungry and not just snacking for kicks!

1. Paint Your Nails

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I love this tip because it is one of the best ways to take your mind off food, along with your hands! One of my pet peeves is to paint my nails and then have them mess up because I’ve become impatient and tried to touch something or do something before they’ve dried. So, use this helpful and beautifying tip next time you get the munchies! You won’t want to mess up your new lovely nails by snacking and having to redo them. Plus, you’ll have a cute little manicure when you’re done!

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