4. Stop Counting

You cannot reach your ideal weight by measuring every single thing you eat or counting calories. You are trying to dictate what your body wants instead of what it is telling you it needs. Try listening to your hunger levels during the day. While you don’t want to overdo your calories at one meal, it doesn't mean having to count calories every time you eat. It is better to eat until you are 80% full each time you eat.

It normally takes 20 minutes before you realize you’re actually really full on that 80%. Eating until you’re 80% full can teach your body to properly train itself naturally to many how calories you need. That may mean 3-4 times a day for you, or if you’re like me, it’s more like 5-6. I prefer eating smaller meals several times a day. My body gets hungry at the same times every single day, which is a sign of a good metabolism. Be sure to choose smart bites every time you eat and don’t try to go hungry. It will backfire later, which may lead you to binging.

Don’t Eat Garbage
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