8 Ways to Eat Healthy While Being Stuck in a Cubicle ...

Living in a cubicle is one of those hard things that so many people do; I work out of a cubicle and finding ways to eat healthy in the office is difficult! There are constantly sweets floating around and all kinds of other food streaming in. If you’re trying to find ways to eat healthy in the office, don’t worry girls, I’ve got you covered! I’ve got all kinds of healthy eating ideas that really work and help your will-power!

1. Stock Your Drawer with Healthy Snacks

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We all have drawers that we probably live in and depend on for our snacks right? Well, if you are trying to find ways to eat healthy in the office, stocking your drawer with healthy options instead of sweets is a great trick! I always try to have some almonds, some low-fat choices and something a little sweet – but still healthy — to settle my sweet tooth.

2. Snack Throughout the Day

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Do you eat when you are full? Probably not. If you snack throughout the day on the healthy items in your drawer, you’ll be less tempted to dip into the things that aren’t so healthy for you. Planning ahead for this and keeping your drawer overfilled with things that are healthy is a great tip I always try to follow!

3. Pack a Healthy Lunch

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The café getting worse with the food choices that are out there? Well girls, you should pack your lunch and bring that with you instead of buying lunch out every day! This is one surefire way to know what you are bringing is healthy and will keep you looking fit! For me, I tend to bring a salad every day, that way I know I am getting my veggies in!

4. Drink Water Throughout the Day

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I know that coffee and tea is great to drink throughout the day, but not only does it stain your teeth if you drink too much, the additional sugar and cream you add can actually be extra calories. So ditch the coffee and tea and instead, go with water! This will also make you feel full throughout the entire day!

5. Pre-Plan Every Meal You Make

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Trying to find tips to be healthy in the office all revolve around pre-planning and really just making sure that you are taking care of yourself. This is hard to do in some cases, but for your meals, why buy a bacon and egg sandwich, when you could eat some fruit and yogurt or some healthy cereal?

6. Pre-Plan All of Your Snacks

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Your snacks go the same way! Planning out exactly what you are going to eat each day for a snack is essential to staying healthy in the office! I know that I will eat some almonds during my mid-morning to give me energy and maybe some fruit after lunch. It’s all about how you plan girls!

7. Don't Give into Bad Snacking

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I know it’s hard, in an office to not want to give into the snacks that are constantly floating around, but avoid them! You have your drawer full of healthy snacks right? Use that as the temptation. Also, hang some motivational quotes in your cube that can actually push you into healthy snacking!

8. Avoid the Office Sweets Constantly Floating around

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Finally, the last way to eat healthy in the office is to avoid the constant stream of sweets that come into the office. I know that my office has a ton of sweets in and out. Someone is always bringing in something that is sweet and fattening. If you avoid that, you’ll be in amazing shape!

So girls, while it might be difficult to find ways to eat healthy in the office, it can be done! So, what other ways to eat healthy in the office are out there? Any that you’ve tried?

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