7 Ways to Cut Calories from Your Morning Coffee ...

There are plenty of ways to cut calories from your morning coffee without sacrificing taste! As tempting as that venti double shot Frappuccino might be, high-sugar and high-calorie coffee drinks are only going to tax your adrenal glands, create a vicious cycle of energy highs and lows, and ultimately contribute to weight gain. Fight the java monster with these simple and effective tips to cut calories from your morning coffee.

1. Go Back to Black

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No, we are not talking about the late and great Amy Winehouse. Drinking your cup of joe black is a foolproof way to cut calories from your morning coffee. Because coffee is calorie-free you shouldn’t feel any guilt when enjoying your morning coffee sans cream or sugar. Remember to stay hydrated. Coffee, regardless of how it’s enjoyed, can dehydrate you. Drink one extra cup of water for each cup of coffee you consume.

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