4. Drink up!

Getting hydrated as soon as you wake up is absolutely essential. Did you know that drinking enough water can boost your metabolism by as much as 30 percent? That’s absolutely massive! If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to drink water very much, then you can always add a squeeze of lemon and a few slices of cucumber to create a tastier version. I recommend keeping a large glass or bottle of water right there on your bedside table so that as soon as you wake up, you can set about getting rid of the dehydration that has been creeping up on your body overnight. Think about it, if you are getting the advised 7 or 8 hours sleep per night, then that is pretty much one-third of a 24-hour cycle not ingesting any kinds of liquids. It is something that has to start to be rectified as soon as you are up and able to sip!

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