4. Winter Sports and Activities

Why is it that when the weather gets colder in states like Michigan and New York there becomes this idea that we’re all stuck indoors? Unless there’s a severe snowstorm or a blizzard, there are plenty of winter sports and activities to join in, either by yourself or with others. Losing weight or not adding weight is more about calorie intake than how much you exercise, but exercising builds muscle and muscle helps to burn fat.

You’re not too old to go ice skating. Your town might have a pickup hockey team, including for beginners. Take the dogs and go snowshoeing (always bring someone and plenty of water) around a town or state park. If you really hate the cold, join a gym or yoga studio. Maybe, just maybe, this year is the year you try skiing down that big hill. A ski instructor will be with you the whole time. You get an amazing cardiovascular workout skiing and a really good burn to your legs.

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