7 Truths about Fat You Need to Know to Lose Weight on a Diet ...


Weight loss and dieting often cause us to misunderstand the truths about fat when we’re looking to lose weight. You might already know that healthy fats are important, but do you know the truths about fat, and how they affect your weight? To get in the know, read up on these truths you need to know about fat. Some you might know, but others might surprise you. Fats are nothing to fear, but knowledge of them is important when looking to lose weight the right way.

1. Moderation is Key

Understand that moderation is key when it comes to fat, and it is the most important of all truths about fat to remember. No matter how healthy a fat is, you should still moderate how much you eat. Consume single serving portions of fat at your meals and snacks, and you won’t ever have to count grams or read labels excessively again.

Plant Fats Are Key
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