7. It Works

If the body is truly in ketosis and burning fat for fuel instead of glucose, it can quickly treat epilepsy as long as there are no slip-ups in the diet. This means no sugar, fruit, starchy carbs, sodas, grains, natural sugars, starchy veggies, or processed foods of any kind.

Remember not to approach a ketogenic diet if you don’t have a seizure condition or don’t need to lose a lot of weight. It is a very difficult diet to transition to and should only be used when truly needed. You should always do your research and talk with someone you trust about this issue, or be under a doctor’s care. I also suggest checking out the sources below to learn more about the ketogenic diet for epilepsy. Have you ever been on a ketogenic diet?

Sources: atkinsforseizures.com, epilepsy.com, hopkinsmedicine.org

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