2. Boost Your Mood

Many doctors and psychotherapists recommend a balanced and healthy diet for helping to balance the mood and battle anxiety and depression.

While doctors recommend that you stack your plate high with veggies and lay off the junk food if you want to help nix stress, anxiety and depression, only one kind of diet has been proven to help actually improve depression and anxiety.

In a study published in the 2010 edition of the Nutrition Journal, a plant-based diet was put to the test by a group of researchers who studied the impact of the diet on the moods of participants, when compared to a control group.

The vegans and vegetarians studied experienced greater wellbeing, a better mood, more energy, less stress agitation, and a decrease in their anxiety and depression.

The adverse impact of meat and fish on mood has been related to arachidonic acid, which produces brain inflammation that negatively impacts the moods of meat and fish eaters.

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